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Various Artists

CD 7051-52 (two CD set) Price: $25.00 plus $3.00 S & H. Californians please add sales tax.

Call (323) 737-3500 to order!

Hot String Band Music, from the Balkans to America: 1910-1950. An extensive TWO CD collection of hot Balkan string band music as it traveled from its origins to the USA, where most of these 78s were recorded, between 1910 and 1950. This unique string band music features amazing virtuoso playing by the top musicians who defined the genre. Special price two CD set with a 40 page booklet containing detailed notes.

Disc I (CD 7051)

1. Kockare - Mangupe — Dušan Jovanović & His Tamburitza Orch. "Orao"

2. Dremala, Spavala — Adamov, Staich & Co.

3. Čuješ Mala — Verni's Troubadours

4. Čiri Miri Čica — Tamburitza Orchestra "Jorgovan"

5. Micika Polka (instrumental) — Verni's Troubadours

6. Očemo Braćo Da Idemo — Dušan Jovanović & his Tamburitza Orchestra "Orao"

7. Ženidba Meseca — Adamov, Staich, & Co.

8. Djipaj Djevojko (polka instrumental) — Dušan Jovanović & his Tamburitza Ork. "Orao"

9. U Osijeku Čuprija — Kuharčev Mješoviti Zbor

10. Moj Se Dragi Na Put Sprema — Huszar & Mišković Tamburitza Orchestra

11. Mladi Doktore — Tamburaški Zbor "Jorgovan"

12. Pred Tvojom Sam — Huszar & Mišković Tamburitza Orchestra

13. U Marice Beo Vrat — Mišković Tamburitza Orchestra

14. Kraj Vardara — Paja B. Šantić with Tamburitza

15. S Ulice U Baštice — Joca Mimika

16. Ide Lola Vija Ga Patrola — Joca Mimika

17. Vino Piju Lane — Joca Mimika

18. Majka Me Psuje — Joca Mimika

19. Arapsko Kukunješće (instrumental) — Tamburica Orchestra

20. Ej Meni Kažu Da Sam Prava Lola — Jovan Radivojić

21. Constantinople March (instrumental) — Royal Serbian Tamburitza Orch.

22. Kukuruzi Već Se Beru — Joca Mimika & Tamburitza Orch. "Lire"

23. Jeftanovićevo Kolo (instrumental) — Tamburitza Orchestra

24. Kolika Je Javorina Planina — Sofka with Gypsy Orchestra

Disc II (CD 7052)

1. Bačko Kolo (instrumental) — Tamburitza Ensemble of Ivan Kovačević

2. Uranila Lepa Stana — Aneta Stojanović & Vlado Konstantinović

3. Koračnica Južnih Slavena (instrumental) — Tamburitza Orchestra of Ivan Kovačević

4. Sedam Sati Bije — Milan Verni's Tamburitza Orchestra

5. Javor Kolo (instrumental) — Tamburitza Orchestra "Javor"

6. Kosovo Waltz (instrumental) — Kuharčev Mješoviti Zbor

7. Haj Vinca, Vinca Ca — Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra

8. Na Zdencu (instrumental polka) — Kuharčev Mješoviti Zbor

9. Sve Za Tvoju Ljubav — Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra

10. Udova Sam Mlada (instrumental-polka) — Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra

11. La Paloma — Balkan Tamburitza Orchestra featuring: Martin Kapugi & Dave Zupkovich

12. Erdeljanka - Kolo (instrumental) — Balkan Tamburitza Orchestra — featuring: Martin Kapugi, Joe Matacic, John Krilcich

13. Ponoć Kad Dodje — Kapugi Bros.Tamburitza Orchestra  & Dave Zupkovich

14. Hey Tambu-Re-Bop — Dave Zupkovich Orchestra

15. Sarajevka - Kolo (instrumental) — Edo Lubich's Tamburitza Orchestra

16. Oj Marička Peglaj — Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orchestra

17. Kraljevo Kolo (instrumental) — Dave Zupkovich

18. Mene Majka Daje — Tamburitza Orch. "Budućnost"

19. Otvori Mi Mili Pile Vrata — Popovich Brothers

20. Vranjanka - Kolo (instrumental) — Milan Verni Tamburitza Orchestra

21. Seljančica - Kolo (instrumental) — Milan Verni Tamburica Orchestra

22. Tamburaška Potpura (instrumental with narration) — Dave Zupkovich with Julius Peškan, Joe Matačić, Peter Vlajkovich & Dick

23. Worker's Greeting - March (instrumental) — Duquesne University Tamburitzans (Matt L. Gouze — director) 

24. Malo Kolo (instrumental) — John Halik with Tamburitza Orch. "Neven"

        For the past three years I have been working on this CD set selecting the old 78 rpm records of many forgotten tamburitza orchestras, transcribing with relatives in the old country, translating the words, and writing summaries of the songs.  

        As you may know, I have been in the "international" record business virtually all my life, some 59 years, and specializing in tamburitza and other music of the Balkan countries.   Fortunately, I accumulated a collection of records of the old (but in pristine condition- never sold) 78 rpm records. A large part are from a "Yugoslav" record and book store which folded just before WW2 and were held in storage in San Francisco; I bought the lot in 1949.
        Special thanks to the people who encouraged this project, helped with information, and made suggestions.  In this way this tamburitza music will be promoted to the general public, including musicians, ethnomusicologists, and all interested in folk music.  We thank you for whatever help you can give us in promoting this CD and, with it, tamburitza music.

Call (323) 737-3500 to order!

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