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         Festival Records first opened its door in 1949 in Oakland, California to service the Bay Area's Slavic and folk dance communities.  In 1958 it expanded to San Francisco, the well known Turk Street adress, expanding to all international music and servicing schools everywhere with classical and folk dance music.  Recreational folk dancing was very popular and well attended in those decades, as well as taught in schools and colleges at all levels, hence Festival Records thrived very well.  In 1964, Festival Records expanded to Los Angeles's Greek town in buying the local Greek shop across from the magnificent Saint Sophia's Cathedral and expanding it into the international and folk dance areas.  
         All three locations were opened simultaneously for a number of years before changing times and conditions forced first the Oakland store, then the San Francisco, and recently the flagship Los Angeles store to close their doors forever.  Early in the operations, John began taking records and books to special events such as folk dance workshops, camps, and festivals as well as ethnic festivals which he continues to do.  
         Special mention must be made of the American Rom, the Gypsies.  They were among the first customers in Oakland, somehow finding John's small upstairs location, and asking for Tamburitza music.  They followed the stores everywhere and continue even today (to that back building).  Their community nationwide has been much more than a source of customers; John has been honored by being welcomed into their homes and events, and has even been godfather to some of their children.
         John is still on Pico Blvd. just three blocks east from the old store, operating out of a back building which is his workshop and where all the inventory is stored.  John welcomes customers there both old and new, but by appointment only as he has no regular hours and does a lot of enjoyable traveling.  Most of the activity now is mail order and the festivals, with some folk dance teaching particularly the dances of Croatia and the kolos of old Yugoslavia.

John Filcich
John Filcich
Owner of Festival Records

Festival Records
2665 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90006


(323) 737-3500