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Yugoslav Folk Dances   Skupljači Perja    Banat Tamburitza Orchestra CDs


  1. Balkan Dances 2000  - The CD that started it all.  Includes the beautiful and sweet "Seta" & "Iz banju ide" from Serbia, the dynamic "Tik" from Greece – the pulsating "Troirou" from Thrace and many others.
  2. Balkan Dances 2004 – This CD saw the introduction of the immensely popular Thracian "Podaraki" by Thymios Gogidis.
  3. Banat Tamburitza Orchestra* ( NEW RELEASE)  2-CD set of the famous Banat  Tamburitza Orchestra  with all original 31 kolos (click on "CDs" to see list) introduced to the folk dance world by America's foremost and beloved kolo specialist and Balkan dance teacher, Dick Crum. The driving force and inspiration of this special project comes from John Filcich of  Festival Records.  Each dance has been digitally re-mastered and restored by Dennis Boxell.  
  4. Bozicne Pesme  (Traditional Serbian Christmas songs)
  5. Christmas Carols in Serbian  (American carols sung in Serbian)
  6. Croatian Dances – Beautiful and authentic Croatian dances presented by John Filcich.
  7. Croatian Folk Dances – Village dances recorded in Croatia in 1963-4 by Dennis Boxell
  8. Dance Sоngs of Macedonia  - Featuring Radio Skopje recordings for the most popular Macedonian dances.
  9. Dances of Northern Greece – Pousteno, Dimitroula and Vasilarchontissa stand out on this great album.
  10. Dances of Srem – The "Branko Radicevic" ensemble presents 13 original choreographies based on original folklore.
  11. Dances of Vojvodina – Traditional dances presented by Nikola Krcadinac.
  12. Edessa (Voden) – The unusual rhythms of Central Macedonia highlight this regional gem of uniquely enjoyable dances from the heart of the Balkans.
  13. Folklore Dances of Bulgaria -  This is the CD version of the  LP  that was pressed for my first national tour in 1961.
  14. Igraj Kolo! – A collection of 20 dances that "teach through doing" authentic Serbian styling and exuberance.  In my dance groups (performing or recreational), the foundation of every dancer was built with these great dances.
  15. Istibanja – Songs and dances from the village of Istibanja in Eastern Macedonia. The village group "Kitka"
  16. Performs 20 songs and dances from their region.
  17. Kad Zaigra Pusta Slavonija!* (NEW RELEASE) The original 1970s' album on CD with extras.  Recorded in Slavonia, during the Christmas season, in 1963.
  18. Lesnoto!* (NEW RELEASE)  Sarieski, Ilieva, Gorgievska, Badev, Selimova-Zelceski & others sing favorite traditional songs for Pravo (Lesnoto) Oro.
  19. Licko kolo (Dances & Songs of Lika) - Includes several versions of the famous Licko kolo.
  20. Macedonian Folk Dances*  (NEW RELEASE)  2-CD set of 40 dances recorded in 1963-64 by Dennis Boxell in 1964.
  21. Macedonian Gajda -  Examples of Macedonian dances played on the gajda. 
  22. Mane Pece - Traditional village songs accompanying the distilling of homemade brandy.
  23. Narodna Kola* (NEW RELEASE)  All the traditional & favorite  kolos for a modern Serbian dance party.
  24. Najlepse pesme iz Srbije – Some of the most beautiful, nationally known Serbian folk songs – sung by the best singers of the country.
  25. Ресе Atanasovski # 1&2 (Double Album) – 47 dances played by Pece & his band.
  26. Predrag Gojkovic Classics - An outstanding selection of his best songs.
  27. Serb Country (revised)* (NEW RELEASE) - Great dances from all over Serbia.  Many new dances never before released.
  28. Serbian Classics 1963 - 23 famous kolos played by the Dusan Radetic orchestra.  Singing by a small group of singers from "Kolo", the National Ensemble of Serbia.  Recorded at RTB (Radio Television Beograd), supervised  by Dennis Boxell.
  29. Serbian Dance Traditions – The most hauntingly beautiful and aesthetic album of Serbian dances you will ever experience.
  30. Serbian Folk Dances – Features the famous "Chicken kolo", "Sestorka", and many more - played by Alex Knezevich (accordionist).  Other popular dances include "Povoz" (Setnja variation) & "Iz Banju Ide".
  31. Shope Dances of Bulgaria – All the best Shope dances are here including "Cetvorno Horo" which has no comparison.
  32. Skopje (Traditional dances of the Skopje area recorded in 1964 by Dennis Boxell with the help of Atanas Kolarovski). 
  33. Slow Dancing in the Balkans* (NEW RELEASE)  An Anthology of some of my favorite dances compiled from all of  my CDs. 
  34. Songs of Crna Gora (Serbian edition, “Pesme i ora Crne Gore” ) - Singer: Bozidar Ivanisevic.
  35. Starogradske Pesme – 16 beloved songs of yesteryear by various artists.
  36. Serbian Village Songs*  (NEW RELEASE) 19 stunning, beautiful, authentic songs, especially suited for performing..
  37. Strolling in Northern Greece – 20 Old Time American & Polish Polkas.
  38. Strolling through the Balkans -  Folklore Adventures best selling Balkan anthology.  From Serbia to Macedonia to Thrace there are several good dances here.
  39. Tik & Dipat – 17 dances featuring the greatest Tik and Dipat artists.  Lovers of Pontic dancing will be in 7th heaven.

     International Dance & Music CDs

  1. Bavarian Mt. Music – Authentic Bavarian & Tyrolean folk songs.  Original recordings by the Bavarian  Government in         the 1960s.  
  2. Beer Barrel Polka Party -  All the favorite old-time polkas plus five sing-along Polish selections.
  3. Zwiefache – Twenty fun mathematical variations of this delightful Bavarian couple dance.

DVDs Available from Folklore Adventures

 CDs in blue are authentic, traditional folk dances.  Most other CDs are of performing groups that use authentic materials and employ traditional dance steps or are for entertainment only.

Serbian DVDs

  1. YUGOSLAV FOLK DANCES (Jadran Films- Zabreb 1948). Twenty dances filmed in color on location throughout the former Yugoslavia. Performed by villagers in their own villages, in original costumes doing their own regional dances.

  2. 14 OKTOBAR – Folklore Ensemble from Krusevac (10 Serbian suites).

  3. BEST SERBIAN CHOREOGRAPHIES – 2-disc set, (26 suites) Dragan Djordjevich recorded  many of these dances on his home TV in Beograd over a period of 10 years. Great source material for choreographers and Serbian dance enthusiasts.

  4. CENTRAL SERBIA – 52 traditional dances presented by six famous researchers. Narration in Serbian*CRNORECJE– Native dancers demonstrate 20 Serb and 20 Vlach traditional dances.

  5. DANCES OF SREM – 13 suites, Choreographer: Milorad Lonic, Music Director: Ivan Sabo.

  6. DOBRIVOJE PUTNIK SEMINAR (2-disc set), 29 dances presented in depth by the late Serbian master.Rare, valuable and exciting footage from a genuinely great folk artist( Recorded from copies of home video cameras. The film's quality is poor at times but well worth the imperfections.)
  7. FMD KOLO – 12 professional Suites by an outstanding Serbian Émigré group in Switzerland.
  8. JUTA– Natives demonstrating this challenging Vlach dance of East Serbia – English instruction KAD LIPE CVETAJU – Festival of Children’s Dance Groups, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia 1994
  9. KOLO PARTY SAC-2005 - Dance Concert at Sacramento area Serbian Church directed by Dennis Boxell.
  10. KOLONIJA ENSEMBLE – Five beautiful choreographies Music for all suites on separate CD.
  11. NIS DANCE SEMINAR - Slavica Mihajlovic demonstrates with dancers of Abrasevic, Kragujevac. Seventeen great dances.
  12. NOVI BEOGRAD – Ensemble of the Polytechnic Academy of New Belgrade. 2-disc set, DVD & CD Choreography and matching music for 14 suites.
  13. OPLENAC ENSEMBLE IN CONCERT – from Topola, Serbia - 16 Serbian dance suites.
  14. SERBIAN VILLAGE DANCES - Dennis Boxell's 1985 footage of Serbian villagers dancing local dances.
  15. SOKOBANJA DANCE SEMINAR – Locals from 3 villages demonstrate 20 dances & give a dance concert.
  16. SONJA MARINKOVIC – 1998 Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia (12 Serbian suites).
  17. STAROGRADSKE IGRE – Ensemble Kolo demonstrates early 1900s ballroom dances at 19 famous locations.
  18. TRIPKOVA SERBIAN DANCE WORKSHOP (40 dances) Instructor: Vladica Tanasijevic.

Croatian DVDs

  1.  Joza Vlahovic 40th Anniversary Concert – 13 Croatian suites.
  2.  Lado 12 classical, all Croatian dance suites –1986 high quality, color film.
  3.  Milica Krizan from Osijek, Slavonia (renamed "Osijek 1962").  Concert of 10 Croatian dance suites.
  4.  Slavonian Dances (Part 1&2) by Dr. Ivan Ivancan and the dancers of "Milica Krizan".

          Macedonian DVDs

  1. Tanec 1956 – Filmed in black & white by Harold Ryan, Denver Colorado.  Superb dancing, featuring

  2. Atanas Kolarovski as lead dancer.

  3. Pece Atanasovski demonstrates 56 Macedonian dances on 2 DVDs.  Pece is captured at his best on amateur video, filmed at various locations, including his camp at Otesevo, Macedonia.

  1. Balkan Movies & International DVDs

  2. AUSTRIAN & BAVARIAN FOLK DANCES -  Recorded from amateur video copies.  Valuable & village footage as  well as demonstrations by preservation dance clubs. Available in January 2009.

  3. HERCEGOVACKO VECE – a skit, a song, a dance.  Filmed in Canada

  4. IVKOVA SLAVA (Humorous Serbian full length movie) - Vranje late 1800s.  Singing & Dancing in folk costumes.

  5. In Serbian with English sub-titles or Serbian only.

  6. MOISEYEV RUSSIAN DANCE COMPANY –  2-disc set.  Filmed in 1980 & 1994. Incredible dancing.

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