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Dear Friends,

         Welcome to Festival Records, which has always been a non-record shop operation.  From the beginning in 1949, we have specialized in music of many lands, educational, and folk dance records, such as were not found in regular record shops.  We pride ourselves in always having had knowledgeable personel familiar with the subject matter and people's needs.
         Lately we have become conscious of archiving and preserving this vanishing music.  Fortunately, John never sold the last copy of most records and books and now has pristine copies of even 78 rpm records nearly 100 years old.  Thanks to modern technology, these can be preserved for today's and posterity's enjoyment.  Already available is a two cd set with 40-page booklet of old Tamburitza music, songs, and dances, as well as a large variety of other cds of Balkan and international folk dance music.

John Filcich
John Filcich
Owner of Festival Records

Festival Records
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